Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Marina Gallery and The Provan's

Ann Provan

Marina Gallery in Cold Spring, NY has captured my attention.  Of the two art shows that I saw at the gallery both were exceptional.  Oddly enough both exhibitions displayed artwork of husband and wife artists.  As for the space itself... it's small but well organized.  The gallery has two beautiful windows facing Main Street  which allows for plenty of natural light.  In the back of the gallery, divided by a white wall, is an art restoration studio.  And towards the back and to the right side is a small admin space.  You can learn more about the gallery on

The current exhibition is titled Converging/Parallel.  I believe it refers to husband and wife artists David and Ann Provan and how their lives run parallel while their art converges.  David's smaller sized sculptures that were placed on either side of the gallery really turned me on.  They made me want to make my own sculptures.  The pieces all had a kind of corral or matrix-like look to them.  They were minimal, small, and emphasized the process of begin made by hand.  Some were painted and then looked like they were sanded down.  I was reminded me of Brice Marden, Sharon Butler, and Douglas Florian... All painters while admiring his work.  His larger sculptures on the other hand were too precise, mechanical, and finished for my tastes.  I prefer his more experimental, rawer, and curious small ones.

Ann's art too had a kind of minimal feel to them.  The variations of circles painted in all-over compositions grew on me.  They were well balanced between looking controlled and spontaneous which preserved a freshness to them despite their carefully organized compositions.  Her choice of color, watercolor, and paper all added to their meditative character and lightness.

David Provan

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