Saturday, March 31, 2012

Technical Difficulties

I was asked by Billy Schmidt of the band Forman to contribute some visuals at his bi-monthly music performance at Olive's in Nyack, NY.  This was my second time being a VJ... the first time was at SUNY Fredonia for a classical orchestral performance.  At the Forman show this past Thursday my projector had technical difficulties... none of the colors were correct (they were mostly inverted, but I could only use shades of green, pink, and black), and the projection flashed on and off each time inverting the colors in flickers.  Anyway, I loved the weird effect and went with it... the audience thought it was great!  Also, below are all the drawings I did that night.  Some are drawn from life, some are imagined.

And I almost forgot... Forman is an excellent band (check them out on Facebook).  They're versatile, groovy, and know how to control volume levels... but their greatest asset is their ability to create a homey and welcoming vibe through the use of lighting, artwork, and video projection.  The other band that night, Fire Quartet, played one of the most exciting sets I've heard in awhile... they featured a very psychedelic electric violin.

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