Saturday, April 21, 2012

Want to Exhibit Your Art in Uptown Manhattan?

Drawing by local artist Rosemarie Kliegman

My favorite cafe/bar/restaurant in New York invited me to permanently curate their art exhibits.  Indian Road Cafe ( is park side to Inwood Hill Park on the furthest northern part of Manhattan in the Inwood neighborhood.  It gets a lot of traffic, people spend money there, and it has a very relaxing jazzy atmosphere with wooden floors and red brick walls.  

Note: the pale yellow walls are now red brick

View of cafe portion of Indian Road

I'm open to suggestions, referrals, proposals... etc. of artists who want to exhibit (both solo and group).  They normally sell a couple pieces per show and the artists keeps the entire sale.  Also, Indian Road Cafe plans to be part of the "Uptown Arts Stroll: Northern Manhattan's Annual Arts Fair" in June.  I'm currently looking for an artist(s) who live, work, or are from Washington Heights or Inwood in Manhattan to exhibit work.  Spread the word.

Poster by Mary Ann Wincorkowski

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  1. Sorry I couln't find your email address. I have the month of September to show at the IRC. How much space will I have? Solo or share?