Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shameless Self Promotion

"Window Washer Fluid" now showing at Marina Gallery

Here is some news I would like to share with all of you concerning my art...

1.  The Marina Gallery (my favorite Gallery ever) invited me to be part of their current exhibition "Aspects".  The show is up for the month of March, so if you are in the Hudson Valley, go to Cold Spring and take a look.  Here is the Gallery's website:

Me at a waterfall in Vancouver Island

2.  A few weeks ago I received an email from asking to interview me for their site.  Of course I accepted and thought deeply about their questions.  You can read the interview at...  According to their website... " was created to provide a stage to do short artist interviews (‘Talking Art’) with the goal of giving visitors a glimpse into interesting artists and their art. We ask each artist the same 5 questions and post their response without any editing – we are nice enough to fix spelling errors."

Audrey Levinthal

3.  Aubrey Levinthal, a Philidelphia based artist and blogger, posted about my art:  Aubrey is a terrific painter and drawer and someone whom you will be hearing more about on my blog.  You can see her work at:

Leif Parsons

4.  I may have mentioned this before but in September I am having a solo show at Buffalo Arts Studio in Buffalo, NY.  They have two galleries and so there is another artist with a solo show exhibiting work at the same time I will be.  His name is Leif Parsons... a Brooklyn based artist.  And by the way, I am moving back to my hometown in August... Go Bills!  So if you're in Western New York in the Fall stop by for a visit.  Here is the gallery's URL:

"Power Outage"... one of my new paintings

5.  I updated my website... posted more of my oil paintings under "Recent Works".  Check it...

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