Sunday, July 21, 2013

Andrea Wolf: AIM Biennial at Wave Hill

I went for a visit to Wave Hill on one of their "Summer Wednesdays" in order to cool down from the intense heat of the city.  There, I visited "Bronx Calling: The Second AIM Biennial" at their terrific Glyndor Gallery.  One artist caught my attention above the rest... Andrea Wolf.  She had four pieces being shown there... each one slightly different from the next.  They all were small scale and composed of video projection onto flat rectangular surfaces.  The videos from each were "unextraordinary" as if random uninteresting snippets were selected from your parents Super 8 footage of a trip they took 40 years earlier.  But there was an undeniable charm to these four pieces.  They were nostalgic, curious, and entertaining.  Not to mention that each was created with great care and craftsmanship... especially the tiny video projectors that jutted out from the wall which oddly added to the interest of the work as if they were intended to be sculptural components.

I found Andrea Wolf's website and thought that I might share the link with all of you  Take your time exploring her wide range of work.  The first three images below were taken at Wave Hill, while the rest of the images were selected off of her website.

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