Saturday, June 30, 2012

City Winery: Soulive and Karl Denson

I love this poster art!!!
Ok y'all... I found my new music spot in New York.  If you've never been to City Winery check out their website...  Its just south of West Houston on Varick Street.

Anyway last night I went to Spark!... a tribute to Melvin Sparks.  And I just got to say that us visual artists could learn something from Soulive's music and Karl Denson's... they can both soar with extremely fast solos and play around with some very musically complex techniques and theory, but they always bring it back to that basic funky baseline with feeling and soul... don't forget artists that thats the place where good art begins and ends... the trip you take us on between those points is free game, but don't get lost in flashiness or concept... Keep it real.

So last night I sat right in front of the stage with my wife and we collaborated on two drawings and gave them to the band afterwards.  Karl came back out from behind the stage and I chatted with him for awhile... he's an amazing person... totally modest, totally kick ass musician, and totally kick ass Father!

Me and Diesel D after he made a joke about
Bevis and Butthead

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