Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dead Artists Alive: Berkshire Art Gallery

James F. Clymer

Well maybe not all the artists are dead... I think one is still living.  When I was camping in Mount Washington State Forest in Massachusetts I visited the artsy town of Great Barrington.  There I found the pleasant little Berkshire Art Gallery.  Now for many professional artists living in New York City, the kind of quaint little art galleries found in countryside villages will come off as dusty old stuff for tourists to buy as souvenirs... you know, mostly landscapes and nudes.  But I didn't want to let that stereotype interfere with my curiosity about what art I might find tucked away in some forgotten corner.

The art that I included in this blog post came from artists that I think would be thrilled to know that a 30 year old living/working artist from the NYC area became inspired by their paintings from 50 or so years ago.  Here's to not letting some dust stand in the way of digging some fellow artists work from a bygone era!  (By the way the good quality images and info came from www.berkshireartgallery.com, while the crappy ones came from my crappy phone.)

Leighton R. Cram

Isaac Muse
(1906 - 1996) Exhibitions include the National Academy, Whitney Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, etc.

March Avery
(B. 1932) Taught by her father, Milton Avery, she is known nationally. 

Edmund Niemann

Margarita Gibbons
(1906-1976) Active in Greenwich Village art scene in the 30s. Moses Soyer was an influence and friend.

Leon Zack (Zak)
(1892-1980) Painter, theater designer and poet, Zack emigrated in 1920, first to Italy and Berlin before settling in Paris. Moved from figurative work to abstraction in 1947.
Jack Rodney Roth
(1927-2003) Abstract painter with work in the 1954 Guggenheim Museum show 'Younger American Painters", along with Pollock, Kline, and De Kooning. Knoedler Gallery representation in the early 80's. 

James Carlin
1906 - 2005

Meyer Wolfe

Josef Presser

Lambro Ahlas
B. 1928

Cool logo guys and great Berkshire Blonde
and Black Bear Stout!  FYI there is a fantastic
Japanese antique store next door... its worth
heading to the Berkshires just for that!
And hey, this is really unusual but on my trip I came across two music stores and an art supply store that are the best small shops I've ever been to and I've been to a ton of these joints.  So here's a shout out to you three!  Keep on supplying the community with professional goods.

The Music Store
Great Barrington, MA
JWS Art Supplies
Great Barrington, MA
Good Musica
Hudson, NY

On my way back to Nyack we stopped by Hudson, NY and walked around.  I saw some of Earl's art at a cafe and thought I'd include these two images.  My kind of outsider art looking stuff!

Earl Swanigan
Buy the work... call 518-610-5118

Earl Swanigan
Buy the work... call 518-610-5118

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