Monday, July 16, 2012

David Saintus: Walking the Line?

While walking through the Nyack Street Fair I came across David Saintus' art.  At first glance his booth seemed stereotypical of an island painter... You know, paradisaical beach and sunset stuff.  But the colors in his work put a spell on me... I'm a sucker for turquoise.  When I came around a second time the content of his paintings spoke to me... I suppose because I didn't quite understand it, but I felt it... The multi-faced woman, the colonial black man and knitting woman... etc.  When I finally got close to the work I fell in love with the images I posted.

David's paintings walk the line between kitsch and authentic vision. Is his art just "hit or miss"?... sometimes he succeeds and other times he falls back into mediocrity.  Or is he a true outsider artist... making paintings beyond judgements of good and bad... his art is what it is?... no explanation needed?  He likes painting idyllic tropical islands and some pretty far out stuff.   So I ask all of you, is there anything wrong with that?... kitsch most of the time and authenticity some of the time.

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