Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pepsico: The Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardenss

Some thoughts after my visit to The Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens in Purchase, NY...
  • Its free!
  • I appreciate a sculpture garden that has its primary focus on nature.
  • Affective integration of Nature and Art;  many if not all the sculptures were framed by hedges, thicket, architecture.
  • The difference between Storm King Art Center and Pepsico is that Storm King focuses on huges sculptures while Pepsico is more intimate and intentional in its use of gardens.
  • Diverse selection of art.
  • Only negative thing is that the basketball court in the parking lot was looking old and worn down... time to consider the ballers yo!
  • If you really have an open mind you can appreciate the product design of the garden lights, garbage cans, drainage grates, and other everyday objects we normally give no thought to.
  • I was most impressed with the following sculptures

Isamu Noguchi; Energy Void

Augustus Rodin; Eve

Jean Dubuffet; Kiosque l'Evide

Richard Erdman; Passage

Alberto Giacometti; Large Standing Woman II, III

Max Ernst; Capricorn

Robert Davidson; Totems

Other photos I took of art, nature, and utilities...

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