Saturday, August 4, 2012

Parallax Art Fair: New York

Hannah Kasper

Parallax is the Art Fair that I participated in London (you can read my post about my experience at  The Art Fair came to SoHo in New York and I decided to check it out yesterday.

Here are some thoughts, not as a participating artist but as the audience...

  • The location was a good choice (Hester near Spring).  There are lots of tourists in that area and street artists... but yeah, the art scene there ended a long time ago
  • The exhibition space was perfect, albeit a bit too large and under utilized.  But it was beautiful... wooden floors, old brick walls, and black painted ceilings with ducts and pipes
  • The season was wrong... but Parallax plans on having another art fair in November (a better month than August for art)
  • Again, about half of the art was decorative and the other half I suppose is what you call Fine Art
  • There was a greater number of interesting art works at this exhibition than the one in London
  • As far as I know there were no speakers at the fair like there was in London... it would serve the visiting or traveling artists well to have a number of local artists, critics, gallery dealers, or educators speak at the event
  • The fair seems to have developed a few groupies... I noticed a few artists that also showed in London

Here are the big winners at and around Parallax AF...

Marco Art
Marcoart Mobile
Parked on Spring St outside of the Parallax Art Fair

PD Packard

Sam Still

David Krase

Hannah Kasper

Jane Lloyd

JoAnne McFarland

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