Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Contemporary Western New York Artists

George Grace

When I was back in Buffalo, NY visiting family I made it to this exhibition, The Artists Among Us II, just before it closed at the Burchfield Penney Art Museum on the Buffalo State Campus.  It was a show of over 600 local artists.  At first I was thrilled and didn't know where to start.  But as I made way around the huge exhibition space I grew tired and headachy pretty quickly.  My wife gave up and retired to another exhibition.  I pushed onward and made it all the way through.  Overall, I was not impressed with the artwork... but that said, I really appreciate a local museum exhibiting local art.  However, I suppose that this exhibit does not represent all of Western New York because the show is composed only of Burchfield Penney members... a nice incentive to join.

Here are some more thoughts...
  • I mostly preferred art that was simple and un-extraordinary
  • Art that looked as though an untrained artist made it were my favorites
  • There was not as many lame flowery, pretty, landscape paintings as one might have thought
  • There was a great mix a different mediums exhibited
  • I was pleased to see several Buffalo, NY themed artworks
  • Much of the art was crafty... and some things were made with masterful technique

According to the Burchfield Penney's website...
In recognition of the artists of Western New York and our role as the center of record for the arts of this region, the Burchfield Penney Art Center is very pleased to host the second members' exhibition in the museum’s history. This celebration of artistic expression in our community is important. It was fitting that the last exhibition in our Rockwell Hall galleries was our first members' exhibition—and now, more than 3 years after the new museum opened to the public, we are excited to host The Artists Among Us II.
The response from the community for this exhibition has been tremendous, and the Burchfield Penney is very pleased and excited to present the work of  670 member artists working in all media.

Viktoria Ciostek

Brett Doster

Mary K. Weig

Sarah Pratt Tobin

Nicole McCumber

Elizabeth R. Dann

Heather K. Morris

Chad Grohman

Katherine Sehr

Katherine Sehr (close up)

Victor Shanchuk Jr.

Kathleen S. Ludwig

Stacey Lechevet

John Mielcarek

Renee Oubre

Linda Piper

Michael Sparling

John Metzen

Patrick Robideau

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