Friday, October 12, 2012

Earth, Sea and In-Between: Zaraia Forman, Gretchen Kane, Leah Oates

Last weekend I visited the The Edward Hopper House Art Center in Nyack, NY.  A friend of mine is part of the current exhibition there titled "Earth, Sea and In Between".  The show ends next weekend.  All the works in this exhibition are beautiful, and although these three artists are all very different from one another their art compliments one another.  Gretchen Kane's abstract rock paintings are always a pleasure to look at... the mark-making, simplified shapes, layering, and the bright and subdued colors make her drawings full of rich visual information.  Zaria Forman's massive metallic seascapes and dramatic cloud formations immediately engulf the viewer and impress a mood of both serenity and anxiety.  Her technique is masterful... but its this odd fluctuation of calm and storminess that makes me want to own one of these drawings and get to know it better.  Leah Oates' layered nature photography of modest subject matter has a contemplative and mysterious feeling to them.  They're mysterious to me in the sense that I can feel as if something has happened behind these plain nature scenes that ripple back to us their story.

Gretchen Kane

Zaria Forman

Leah Oates

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