Sunday, October 14, 2012

Garner Arts Center: Resurrection Show

A little over a year ago Garner Arts Center was badly damaged by Hurricane Irene.  Last night and this afternoon "GAGA" celebrates its Resurrection Show.  100 artists are exhibiting their work... its a great show for a cross section of Rockland County artists.  According to
August 28, 2011, GARNER Art Center was hit hard by the floodwaters of Hurricane Irene. Building 21, home of GARNER’s Main Gallery was completely destroyed, taking with it the access bridge into Dye Works performance \event space. The entrance and Stone Circle Performance area of Creekside Sculpture Garden were also washed away
HURRICANE IRENE UPDATE: The Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, the home of GARNER Arts Center, suffered tremendous damage as a result of Hurricane Irene. The Main Gallery was significantly damaged when the back wall of the building collapsed under pressure from projectile debris carried by the rising flood waters of the Minisceongo Creek. Thankfully, the rest of the buildings of the historical industrial center were not seriously damaged.
Exhibitions and events planned for the fall of 2011 have been cancelled. It is our hope that we will be able to regroup and restart our programming within the 2012 calendar year. We will keep everyone updated as we, the artists and staff of the GARNER arts community, dig out, clean up, and get back to business.
Says Robin Rosenberg, President of GARNER Arts Center: “GARNER is a place of ideas and possibilities; a place of inspiration where art and craftsmanship flourish. It is a community of people who share a creative bond. That is and will continue to be the base from which all else follows.”

My top ten picks in no particular order...

Ruth Geneslaw

Michael Reck

Tamara Gayer

Carl Rattner

Richard Bedkowski

Anthony Rossi

Barbara Lowenstein

Miguel Castillo

Jennie Chien

Gretchen Kane

And few phone pictures I took last night of this lovely industrial complex...

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