Thursday, September 26, 2013

Buffalo's Outer Harbor Wind Sculptures

I visited this new park off of route 5 going south the other day.  I was really impressed.  I didn't think I write a blog about this patch of grass and sand before I got there... but I think it deserves some recognition.

Some thoughts...

The kinetic wind sculptures are so beautiful and mesmerizing.  I don't know if this is standard for wind sculptures but I've been to many parks and never seen any quite like this

I could not determine the artist who created these... for all I know they can be mass produced and made in China for cheap (hopefully not true).  If you know who made these let me know please

The design of these wonderful and imaginative structures is minimal... nothing fancy about them... they just move in interesting ways and their simplicity of construction and design is so elegant that those qualities alone are enough to attract and excite the viewer/park-goer

Of course I couldn't help myself taking a few pictures of those cool looking trash cans and slides.  The view of the city from that location is interesting too... the grain elevators and skyway are front and center and the City Hall appears peaking over a few smaller buildings giving it an odd skinny kind of look

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