Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Echo Art Fair: Buffalo, New York

I apologize for not having wrote a blog in a month.  I've been working tirelessly on my solo show that opened this past Saturday.  Now that I have some time I'm going to be catching up and writing about some shows that I've seen in the past few weeks.  Anyway, on Saturday September 7th I visited the Echo Art Fair in downtown Buffalo, NY at the Central Library.  Here are some thoughts...
  • This was the best art fair I've been to because the art was was not crafty or pretentious, nor was it too out of date or too pushing the boundaries... it was diverse and of high quality... Boom.  Also, the fair was busy but not over crowded, in a great space, and I thought there was an excellent mix of galleries and individual artists represented.
  • Artists work that caught my attention were: Joe Bochynski, Rich Tomasello, Catherine Koenig, Gigi Gatewood, Jan Nagle, Heidi Leverty, Julian Montague, Peter Stephens, and Katherine Sehr
Liz Rywelsk receipt for Carman
  • Pieces that were especially unique were the veteran Buffalo artist Charles Clough's 100 person painting, Shasti O'Leary Soudant's light installation, and Liz Rywelsk exciting and original performance piece in which you walk into a sort of "store" or seller booth and are approached by people dressed in white asking what you want... I told them I want "Carman" and they wrote me up a receipt for her... a neat idea as a way to get a free "work of art" during a visit
  • Can't wait to have my shot at being in the fair next year.

According to the Echo Art Fair website...

echo Art Fair, a juried fine art exposition, connects experienced collectors and first-time buyers with established and emerging local, regional and international artists in a centralized and creative environment.

echo Art Fair showcases a broad scope of fine-art disciplines, including painting, photography, sculpture, print, works on paper, video and mixed media.

Artists and galleries exhibiting at the fair are evaluated and selected by a jury of contemporary art experts—ensuring that attendees enjoy the highest quality viewing and buying experience.  

About the Founder...

E. Frits Abell is an entrepreneur who has helped establish several companies over the past decade. The current venture, Northside Advisors, is a New York City-based boutique investment bank. With each business, he manages all aspects of new business formation, develops targeted strategic and financial investor bases, and drives marketing, business/corporate development and operations.
Abell, a native Western New Yorker, founded the Buffalo Expat Network (BEN) in 2010; BEN is a social network whose mission is to build a community of Buffalo expats around the world and from this network, drive opportunity back to Buffalo. As a result of his work with BEN, he has become fully reengaged in the city's revitalization, and now divides his time between Buffalo and New York City.

Joe Bochynski

Joe Bochynski

Catherine Koenig

Catherine Koenig

Charles Clough

Rich Tomasello

Rich Tomasello

Gigi Gatewood

Jan Nagle

Shasti O'Leary Soudant

Peter Stephens

Heidi Leverty

Julian Montague

Liz Rywelsk

Katherine Sehr

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